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Corith Canal, Mycenae, Epidaurus Excursion

Peloponnese - Corith Canal, Mycenae, Epidaurus

Full Day (Athens based)

After breakfast, your coach will take you for your stop to Corinth Canal. It is a canal that connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. The steep walls are impressive, but even more so when you see it in relation to a ship!

Continue on to Mycenae, the Homeric city to Agamemnon. Extremely ancient, its huge brooding presence inspires awe today. See the famous Lion Gate and Necropolis. One thousand years before the birth of Christ, King Agamemnon led to contingent from Mycenae to join the Greeks in the Trojan Wars. This is the city ‘rich in gold’ of Homer’s Iliad.

Travel next to nearby Epidaurus, the sanctuary of the God of Medicine with an ancient hospital. Hippocrates of the Hippocratic Oath came from Epidaurus. The magnificent theatre accommodates 14.000 spectators, and even today has the best acoustics in the world. A whisper or dropped coin can be heard all around the auditorium.

Return at your Athens hotel for dinner.

Corith Canal, Mycenae, Epidaurus Excursion

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